What is water festival(Thingyan)? Thingyan culture and essence


Thingyan is Pali and Sanskrit language , the word does Myanmar.Meaning transitions. Therefore, the end of the old year to mark the New Year Thingyan festival was held. Thingyan festival is Myanmar cultural festival. Leave negative polarities of the Year After the new year as the new one they intended to live by.The water symbolizes […]


Myanmar Travel Guide 2015 for all travellers

Myanmar Travel Advice 2015

Here’s our Myanmar travel advice for the year 2015. Here’s just a little introduction about Myanmar (Burma). It is the largest country in Southeast Asia. The country is considered to be a real archeological paradise with hundreds of ancient ruins. The lush tropical destinations make Myanmar a really interesting destination for travelers. Myanmar is one […]


Going to Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar Culture

After years of isolation, Myanmar is now open to tourists, so be one of the first to visit before the crowd arrived. There are questions like ‘Is Myanmar safe place to visit?’, Yes, Myanmar is safe. There was little history of violent crime directed at visitors, and British Foreign Office advice says “most visits are […]


Visit Myanmar Year 2016

Visit Myanmar Year - Holiday makers

“Myanmar will celebrate as “Visit Myanmar Year” in 2016″ Since Myanmar has opened doors to tourists, holiday makers are quickly becoming aware of the country and it will become more popular and more visited in 2015 and 2016. Deputy minister for hotels and tourism, Dr Tin Shwe announced that Myanmar will celebrate as “Visit Myanmar […]