Things to do - general

Bago is located 50 miles north-east of Yangon. Formerly known as Hanthawaddy, is a city and the capital of the Bago Region in Burma. Bago town is a Disney-flavoured theme park of gaudy religious sites in Myanmar. Bago is small and scrappy town probably contains a greater density of blissed-out buddhas and treasure-filled temples than any other similar-sized town in southern Myanmar. All this makes Bago a superb and simple day trip from Yangon, or the ideal first stop when you leave the city Yangon behind.

If you have time to visit Bago, take time to drop by various Buddhist constructions there. Pay a visit to Shwemawdaw Pagoda, a semi-hemispherical structure (called ‘stupa’) of 114.3 meters. Another remarkable building is Kyaik Pun Pagoda which is famous for its Four Seated Buddha statue of 27 meters, including four Buddhas named Kakkusana, Kassapa, Konagamana, and Gotama situated to four directions, heading their back to one another. This solemn place is also known as the Golden God Temple, and it is believed to enshrine Buddha’s hairs and teeth underneath. Also, in western Bago, the reclining Buddha statue of Shwethalyaung is worth contemplating. This is the second biggest reclining Buddha, after the one in Dawei, Myanmar.

And then visit to Kanbawzathadi Palace, a destination included in the Archaeology Department of Bago. Originally, in 1556, the palace was built for King Bayinnaung – Second Myanmar Empire’s founder. The palace was burned and later has been reconstructed since 1990. Kanbawzathadi Palace promises to be the highlight in any Bago trips in the near future – once its reconstruction is finished. In order to catch a glimpse of nature, drive two hours to  the north of Bago in the early morning and you can observe a wide variety of birds at Moeyingyi Park.  Bird watching on boat is an interesting experience for anybody; also, do not forget to use the observation stands.