Going to Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar Culture

After years of isolation, Myanmar is now open to tourists, so be one of the first to visit before the crowd arrived. There are questions like ‘Is Myanmar safe place to visit?’, Yes, Myanmar is safe. There was little history of violent crime directed at visitors, and British Foreign Office advice says “most visits are […]


Myanmar welcomes 600,000 THAIS among One Million foreign arrivals in the first four months

Banyin Nyi Cave

This year’s first four months saw over one million foreign tourists, including a highest number of 600,000 from Thailand, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. Based on the surge of foreign tourists, it has been projected that Myanmar will likely welcome more than three million foreign visitors in 2014. As of May the […]


Burma welcomes over one million visitors

Recently ‘Re-Opened’ Myanmar has seen a surge in overseas visitors Burmese officials released data on Tuesday (22 January), which showed the country had been visited by more than one million people over the past 12 months. The country also saw the total income from tourism rise from $319m (£201m) in 2011 to $534m (£336m) last […]